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Ultimately, though, it's one of those passing fads that wears thin pretty quickly. And while it's technically impressive, you'll have to be at least a decent artist if you want to get the most out of AR Doodle. Samsung decided to use the same camera sensors on the Galaxy Note 10 as on the Galaxy S10, which means you should not expect a leap in performance when taking still shots. The back of the phone houses a triple-camera setup that includes a wide-angle 12MP shooter, an ultra-wide camera that takes degree pics, and a 12MP telephoto lens that handles bokeh-effect portraits and offers 2x optical zoom.

I say limited because phones like the Huawei P30 Pro already offer a 5x optical zoom using clever prism technology. The cameras inside the Note 10 are the same as those the Galaxy S10 series used, so we didn't expect to see photos that looked especially different from Samsung's previous flagships. The company's optics and image processing algorithms have always had a penchant for scenes that boost low-light visibility, often at the expense of dynamic range.

In this pair of photos, taken within New York's Bryant Park, the Note 10 delivers a flatter-seeming image with better detail in the shadows, but less in the highlights compared to the Pixel 3. Heading a few blocks over to Times Square, we're met with a scenario that better plays to the Note 10's advantages.

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The strange green cast present in Samsung's Bryant Park shot is thankfully gone here. Instead, the Note 10 does a better job of exposing the entirety of the frame than the Pixel 3. Google's handset tends to prefer warmer, darker images, though in this case, the Pixel's lighting is much too dim compared to the actual conditions at the time. Still, I prefer the color Google's device pulls out of the clouds and sky. Looking out in the middle of a street in Brooklyn at dusk, the Note 10 appears to have been a little overwhelmed by its surroundings.

There's a warm glow that pervades certain aspects of the shot, and a distinct lack of sharpness present in the trees, the texture of the asphalt and the cars that line the road. The Pixel 3's attempt here seems much more composed and consistent. It's important to point out here that neither device was tuned to night mode for this particular comparison. However, each phone's respective night mode was used for this pair of shots captured near Manhattan's Herald Square.

Straight away, you can see that the Note 10's rendition is a bit warmer and softer in the same key areas, like the sides of buildings and texture of the street. Samsung's processing mitigates blowing out the highlights compared to Google's, although on the flip side, the Pixel 3 avoids the over-pronounced glow radiating from the overhead lamps. Again, Google's handset claims the sharper, more natural vibe here.

Finally, comparing the Note 10's Live Focus feature against the Pixel 3's shallow depth-of-field effects, it's clear to see Samsung still has work to do on the portrait front. While the deep shadows on my colleague Shaun's face lend an over-dramatic look to an otherwise well-lit indoor shot, the Note 10 goes much too far in the other direction, diminishing contrast to a fault.

Shaun's hair, skin, t-shirt and tattoos all just come through so much more clearly through the Pixel's lens. Where Samsung hopes the Note 10 stands out is with its video prowess.

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The phone sports a Live Focus mode for video, which lets you blur the background and add special effects — like colorizing only the subject while keeping the background black and white. The new video features aren't quite professional grade as Samsung suggests, though they do work pretty well. Capturing video with blurred backgrounds lends a cheesy rom-com effect to video that isn't perfect the bokeh fades in and out at times , but looks good enough for the small screen. And editing these clips is a breeze thanks to the S Pen and Samsung's redesigned video editor, which makes it easier to trim clips and perform other tasks with greater precision than using your finger alone.

The Galaxy Note 10 is one of the fastest Android phones, but it may not hold the title for long. Truthfully, though 8GB is enough — the smaller Note 10 never stumbled during a week of use, whether I was gaming or writing, and never seemed wanting for more power. In Geekbench, which measures overall system performance, the Note 10 turned in a result of 10, The Note 10 performed better relative to Apple's flagship in 3DMark's graphics benchmark. There, the phablet notched a score of 5, — a full 1, points better than the 4, result from the XS Max. If you like the idea of using your Note 10 on a bigger screen, Samsung makes it easy with its upgraded DeX functionality.

All you need is the provided USB Type-C cable that comes with the phone, as well as the DeX desktop app for your Windows PC or Mac, and you can run Android applications on your computer's display and manage your files through a phone-like interface, only on the big screen. The prospect of transforming your Note into a makeshift workstation with nothing more than a cable seemed like a great addition to DeX's repertoire.

In theory, being able to access DeX by plugging your Note 10 into your PC should expedite file management, which could be useful. However, our experience with the software wasn't as smooth as we hoped. At the moment, running DeX windowed on a PC is a somewhat laggy, low-quality experience, with strange limitations. For example, you currently can move files from your computer to your phablet by dragging them onto the DeX desktop, but not the other way around.

Speaking of which, it's difficult to understand why someone would prefer to use DeX through their computer if they already have access to Windows or Mac to begin with. Currently, though, it still needs work. In Tom's Guide's custom battery test, which forces the phone to endlessly load webpages on T-Mobile's LTE network at nits of screen brightness, the Note 10 lasted for an average of 9 hours and 25 minutes across three sessions.

Those times are well below the smartphone average of , not to mention the Note 10 Plus' result — understandable, given that the Plus features an mAh larger battery compared to the standard model. An earlier test of the regular Note 10's battery yielded a score of , due to an error in testing. The Note 10's current average of is below what we've witnessed from other handsets, and well short of the longest-lasting phones we've seen, as the table below indicates.

While roughly 9-and-a-half hours of battery life is not necessarily a dealbreaker, it does make the Note 10 a less compelling proposition, and gives those especially concerned about longevity on a charge a reason to spring for the Note 10 Plus instead. That's not too shabby, though the Note 10 Plus can achieve even faster speeds. Sometime in September, Samsung will begin selling an optional 45W charger that works exclusively with the Plus model, that promises to get you through the whole day after being plugged in for only 30 minutes. Power users and spec heads will have a bone to pick with Samsung over the Galaxy Note On paper, you're sacrificing the Note 9's larger screen, getting a smaller battery and losing both the headphone jack and microSD storage.

An extremely svelte big-screen phone that offers faster performance, better cameras and new S Pen tricks. And while some will surely lament the omission of a memory card slot, GB of space built in is generous and arguably makes up for that slight. AR Doodle is cute, but hardly something people have been clamoring for. Air Actions could be innovative, though the gestures need to demonstrate value in more apps and use cases first. DeX for PC has some kinks that will have to be ironed out soon.

And while the transcription features work well, they're often a pain to access. Some of these issues can be addressed with updates. I hope they will, because the Note 10 could use properly-executed software to match its phenomenal hardware. Sure, those chasing the finest performance and largest display possible will flock to the 6.

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But for everyone else, the regular Note 10 will be a very special phablet — precisely because there's never been one this compact and easy to live with before. Tom's Guide. Home Reviews. Our Verdict The Galaxy Note 10's delivers epic battery life and a super-bright screen in a phenomenally compact design. It's one of the most compact phones ever with a 6.

Samsung kept the cameras mostly the same compared to the Galaxy S10, with wide, ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. But it did bring Live Focus effects to video. New Condition Pictures with brown wood background are taken by myself. Please refer to the pictures. You should know that there is a difference since it is not one with the lock screen but actually turns on when your screen display times out or when your phone is locked. Many Nexus 6 owners, myself included, have already started to experience the dreaded burn-in issues that often come with AMOLED display technology.

View all S9 specs and features in one place at Samsung US. It's in the upper part of the screen, probably from watching YouTube in portrait mode where you can see the video and comments bellow - the burn in is in the part where the video is displayed. Galaxy S9: Drop test shows how easily Samsung's flagship can break.

Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S9: beyond the screen size was to offset the rather disappointing but not terrible sales of the Galaxy S9. By mid-April, the number had increased to one million pre-orders. No Screen Burn and No black dot on Screen. The revolutionary camera adapts like the human eye-capturing stunning pictures in bright daylight, moonlight and super low light using its adjustable aperture.

Suddenly I got Galaxy S8 stuck on the black screen and it couldn't repair itself even if I restarted it.

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It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. Can't wait. Only semi issue I ever had with the S8 Plus was that I had some screen burn-in. The shadows are not cherry picked so its a role of the dice. It is a GSM unlocked phone. The looping demo doesn't keep the screen static really so I'm surprised that it had burn in that bad. Samsung DeX lets you connect your Samsung Galaxy S9 to a monitor, keyboard and mouse for a quick and easy way to open apps, use keyboard shortcuts and manage files on a big screen.

There are a few screen savers available for the Galaxy S8, but only I recommend using only one to prevent burn-in: Colors. You need a new digitizer when the screen does not respond to touch or its response is not accurate. Experience the next evolution of the Samsung Galaxy. The screen saver will display in full screen hiding nav and status bars and slowly cycle through various colors and shades.

Obviously, if you're not blind or visually impaired, this isn't a feature you're likely to use. Discussion So, my S8 which is about to turn a year old had burn in from using the app waze. Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items!

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  6. That makes it hard to wholeheartedly recommend the Galaxy S9. I would normally suggest 1min, thereafter screen will go off. Shoot like a pro. It all does not burn in. I'm wondering, first, will the S9 Plus have the same potential issue? Second, if so, what can or should be done from the beginning to avoid it? The screen burn-in may also happen on your Samsung Galaxy S8 if the following tips are not used during daily usage.

    Is it worth the risk? Looking different hasn't been on the Samsung's checklists lately, but some Has anyone else noticed this on any of their newer Samsung phones? Or could it maybe have been just a dud demo unit at the store? What a battery waste. Love it. They said it was due to screen burn! A complete fabrication. Samsung Galaxy S9 charging problem is a repeating issue is Samsung Mobiles. Using a lighter, the HDR10 p 5. The now-classic moving images in early operating systems were created to keep any single pixel on the screen from The Galaxy S9 has had a rough ride.

    Some users of the Samsung Galaxy S9 have claimed to experience a blank black screen on their device after turning it on. Limited Time Sale Easy Return. I've never seen anything like it. I've taken the back off and disconnected The downside to that is that the screen will wear unevenly if a particular set of pixels are on more often than others and that can lead to what we commonly refer to as "burn-in.

    The prolonged use of static images can create a permanent We take a look at some Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus problems that users have come across and offer potential solutions on how to fix them! Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen protectors. Scratches on screen may not be visible in pics. They feature a design that is sleek and stunning, albeit not entirely new.

    Last week, the internet was ablaze with talk about the Galaxy S8's home button, because it subtly changes positions without the phone alerting you. Besides moving iTunes music to S9, you can also add music to S9 from your computer as well. You can choose to display some useful info after the lock screen times out. You need to get a new touch screen for replacement.

    Then, they further improved their image with the Galaxy Note 8, which earned excellent reviews. Mobile Phone recycling made quick and easy. This issue is also know as the Samsung Galaxy green screen of death. The Samsung Galaxy S9 screen has already been independently judged to the very best on the market, bringing with it the best in color reproduction, brightness, accuracy and overall sharpness. Check out these solutions to fix this issue. Satisfied to tear the screen and back, he then tried to burn the screen.

    Also check Samsung Galaxy s9 cases. Read full review: Alphr Jonathan Bray. The Samsung Galaxy S9 may have only come out last week, but users are already having major issues with it. Note, there is a crack on the left hand side of the screen which is barely noticable when using the phone.

    The cosmetics are Ab grade. Design and spin. I refused their offer and asked for phone to be returned. It looks like the smartphone giant is planning to retain the 5. Samsung does cover screen burn-in issues with the device warranty hence you need not fret if your device is still under warranty.

    Includes light and moderate screen burn. The iPhone X wins on processing power while the Galaxy S9 comes slightly ahead on screen quality, while design is subjective both are wonderful and the camera battle is close enough to call about even. It's got a pretty good burn-in of the Waze app interface on the screen since I drive so much. The Camera. Overall the device is unresponsive to button presses or touches of the touch screen. One little known feature on Android devices is TalkBack, which provides you with spoken feedback and vibrations in order to help you navigate your device.

    If you wish to learn how to transfer music from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S9 using dr. Bluetooth headphones— One of the neat features of the S8 is the ability to use two sets of wireless headphones at once. After the fire is turned off, white patches on the screen recover instantly. After 2 seconds a menu will appear. Galaxy S9 always-on display AOD is an extension of the lock screen.

    The best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals in October 12222

    The tool can also be used to manage your Galaxy phone, add content to it from various sources, and do so much more. I took a photo of the screen to show it had no physical cracks but in future turn on phone and take a photo of screen without screen burn! Three apps that will revolutionise the way you work Feeling the burn? At least the Samsung screen is dark. Samsung dusted itself off in and came out with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, which were hugely successful. We will honour the price if we receive your device within 14 days. Basically, this can of course be possible, because at this point the pixels are constantly "loaded".

    Today I found a slight shadow of the home button burn in the screen. If the icon is in a folder, tap the folder. Samsung Galaxy S9 passes scratch, burn, and bend tests with flying colours Samsung Galaxy S9 is clearly one of the most durable smartphones launched this year.

    Work without your laptop. Always been in an otterbox with a Zagg screen protector. The volume rocker and other sensors still work though. I've got a friend who dropped her S7 edge. Tap and hold the icon for about 2 seconds. Combining reliable construction with an IP68 rating to resist water damage, this Verizon Samsung Galaxy S9 captures every adventure. This phone's camera captures photos like a pro. A great smartphone, but the Samsung Galaxy S9's improvements over the S8 are marginal, and it's much more expensive as well.

    Vodafone Ireland also gave a free screen replacement within the first 12 months on pre-order also so I Just recently upgraded my TV after many years and did look at the Samsung Vs lg and in the end the lg oled 65e7 was the winner. Samsung is aware of the possibility of screen burn in and as a result they have implemented software tweaks that allows things such as the time on the home screen and the always on display to move slightly over time so as to prevent burn in of these images.

    It started off with a few users who noticed burn-in after only a week but is slowly snowballing and has branched out into a couple hundred reports. To start your Galaxy S8 in safe mode: Turn off the device. Free 2-day shipping. Stay entertained on an edge-to-edge Infinity Display. It comes with a larger screen, better camera, a bigger battery and improvements in the S-Pen.