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Refresh and rejuvenate while pampering your body's most visible and largest organ. Reflect and restore your soul as you find center along your personal journey.

At the core of the LIVE WELL philosophy is the driving goal of providing our guests with healthy, fulfilling avenues through which they can discover purpose, find inspiration, and embark on the journey of fulfilling their life's work. With a foundation strong in the area of clinical and technical massage and esthetics, the LIVE WELL brand has grown to include supportive therapies focused beyond one's physical self.

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With the addition of new therapies inclusive of energy transfer, meditation, Yoga, and more, LIVE WELL is prepared to meet our clients where they are in a way that translates to their personal growth. Laser and Radio-Frequency Treatments are safe, effective, and convenient.

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Additionally, the cost of cosmetic laser skin resurfacing is minimal compared to many other treatment options. We test all our products on ourselves before offering them to our clients.

We select our vendors very carefully—only those who share our philosophy of providing the very best to our clients. With a complete portfolio of aesthetic and skincare solutions, YYMD is Knoxville's leader in self-care services.

Turkey Creek Spa Packages

We will build a custom treatment plan to meet your goals, both medical and non-surgical. Together we develop a regimen that will work best for you. After graduating massage therapy school, I found that I wanted to do more than merely treat the symptom, I want to get to the root of the cause so I could help you on a more permanent basis naturally get pain relief while healing your body.

Rolfing, Structural Integration, is a series of ten, not painful, sessions to help teach your body to work the way it is designed to function. It is not just a treatment but also education for your body and your mind.

10 of the Best Spas to Get Pampering Treatments and Massages in Bangkok

There are some amazing and beautiful stories of "miracles" simply from the ten series. These are not miracles, it is your body remembering what it is supposed to do. I do offer Swedish Massage, deep tissue massage, and therapeutic massage.

Every person is different and unique, thus every massage is customized to your needs and goals.